Solutions for Training a Hyperactive Belgian Tervuren to Calm Down

Do you have a hyperactive Belgian Tervuren? While an energetic puppy can be a lot of fun, they can also be difficult to properly train. If you cannot get your dog to calm down, you may not be able to instill positive behavioral traits. You could end up with shredded furniture, soiled carpets, and other signs of destruction.


Luckily, there is a way to avoid this problem. Discover the best solutions for training a hyperactive Belgian Tervuren to calm down.


Take Your Dog for Longer Walks


One of the simplest ways to help curb the hyperactive behavior in a dog is to take your dog for longer walks. Your dog may simply have too much built-up energy. Begin taking your dog for longer walks. Take an extra stroll around the block. After a full workout, your dog should be ready to relax.


Play Indoor or Backyard Games with Your Dog


Going for a walk is not always an option. Playing indoor or backyard games can help take the place of going for a walk.


Playing fetch will help relieve energy and frustration in your Belgian Tervuren. Though, there are other games to choose from, including “find it”.


With “find it”, you will toss a small dog treat across the room and say “find it” or “get it”. As they are retrieving the dog treat, toss another treat in the opposite direction and repeat the command. Continue tossing treats in opposite directions, up to half a dozen times. That is the first stage of the game.


Next, command your dog to sit and stay while you walk across the room. Set a small dog treat on the floor next to your feet. Calmly walk back to your Belgian Tervuren and command them to go find it. Repeat this stage several times per day.


After you have trained your dog to sit and stay while you set a treat on the ground, you can move on to the next part of the game. For this, you will again command your dog to sit and stay while you walk away with a treat. You will walk into an adjacent room and hide the dog treat. Walk back to your dog and command them to go find the hidden treat.


This repeated activity will help refocus your dog’s energy on a positive reward system. When they obey your commands, they receive a treat. The exercise will help wear them down and the dog training process will encourage good behavior.


Ignore the Hyperactive Behavior


After taking your Belgian Tervuren for a walk, if they remain hyperactive you should ignore their behavior. Dogs that are regularly hyperactive tend to demand attention. You should never give in to your dog’s demands, as you are the one in charge.


By giving into their hyperactive outburst, you are reinforcing and encouraging their behavior. Ignore the behavior. Do not make eye contact or respond to their nipping, barking, or jumping around.


Maintain a Calm Energy Around Your Dog


Dogs will often reflect the attitude of their owner. When you are full of energy and bouncing off the walls, they will likely follow your lead. The same is true of anxious and nervous energy. You could be directly responsible for the hyperactivity in your dog.


When learning how to train a Belgian Tervuren, maintain a positive, assertive demeanor. It is okay to get excited or nervous while around your dog on occasion, but the repetitive behavior will become reflected in your dog.


Be Patient with Your Dog Training


Dog training requires patience. You may need to repeat these steps for quite a while before you notice a significant change in your Belgian Tervuren’s behavior. But, you cannot give up. You need to remain firm and continue to reinforce positive behavior. Take your dog for longer walks or include more exercise in their daily routine.


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