The Top Ways to Get Your Chihuahua to Stop Barking

Are you struggling to learn how to get your chihuahua to stop barking? Barking, howling, and growling and sounds and strangers can be a real challenge. It can be frustrating and may even annoy your neighbors. This is especially true when living in an apartment complex or condo.


If you have tried everything and cannot get your chihuahua to stop barking, then take a moment to explore the following suggestions. You do not need to be an expert chihuahua trainer. You just need to take the time to reinforce good behavior and remember these tips.


Dealing with Barking at Animals and Passersby


When your chihuahua barks at animals and people passing by, either while inside or outside, you need to immediately dispel the situation. While indoors, close your curtains or blinds or place your chihuahua in another room. When your chihuahua starts barking at someone while they are outside, bring them inside as soon as you can.


This can be difficult when taking your chihuahua for a walk. If your chihuahua begins barking at people or other chihuahuas during your walk, you should command your chihuahua to heel and then turn them around and begin walking back home.


Removing the motivation for the barking is a form of negative reinforcement. This is a form of chihuahua training that helps teach your chihuahua that their behavior is not appreciated. They receive no reward from barking at people or animals.


Ignore Your Dog When They Start Barking


Other than barking at people and animals, there are still plenty of situations where your chihuahua may bark. Even with the situations discussed above, your chihuahua may continue to bark after you remove their motivation for barking. When this occurs, ignore your chihuahua until they stop barking.


Do not make any contact with your chihuahua until they have stopped barking. Do not look at your chihuahua, yell at your chihuahua, or pay attention to their behavior.


After your chihuahua quiets down, call him or her over to you and command your chihuahua to sit. Give your chihuahua a small treat. With this positive reinforcement, you are showing your chihuahua that they receive a reward when they stop barking.


Introduce Your Dog to People and Other Animals


Along with ignoring your chihuahua’s behavior, another solution is to desensitize your chihuahua to the situation. Spending more time with people or other animals can help teach your chihuahua that there is no reason to bark.


If your chihuahua regularly barks at people, more interaction with humans could help curb their behavior. The same applies to barking at other chihuahuas. Taking your chihuahua to a chihuahua park will help them socialize and may prevent barking – if this is the root of their negative behavior.


When it comes to chihuahua training, the issue that most chihuahua owners need help with is barking. You may have been able to teach your chihuahua to sit, stay, and heel, barking is a completely different behavior. Remember the suggestions provided.


Dogs are not overly complicated animals. Their main goal is to please you. When they receive proper nutrition, exercise, and attention, chihuahua training is less difficult. By rewarding good behavior and ignoring negative behavior, you can teach your chihuahua how to behave.


You both want the same things you just need to show your chihuahua what you want through repetition. The same is true whether you are dealing with an aggressive, timid, or hyperactive behavior.


If your chihuahua cannot stop howling or barking, you should remove them from the situation, ignore their barking, and then begin introducing them to the motivation for their barking.


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